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17th European Congress on Alternatives to Animal Testing & 14th Annual Meeting of EUSAAT

[warning]5th – 8th September 2012
University of Linz, Austria[/warning]


  1. 21st century non-animal tools for basic and biomedical research
    (e. g. humane disease pathways, specific disease models, transgenic animals, xenotransplantation, teratoma assays to prove pluripotency of stem cells)
  2. Implementing of the Directive 2010/63/EU on the protection of animal used for scientific purposes
    (incl. position of the EU Commission, of EU member states and of animal welfare organisations, examples for the implementation)
  3. Progress in 3Rs research: EU FP6 & FP7 projects on alternatives and member state research funding
    (e. g. status national and EU: Research topic overview and future funding policy)
  4. 7th amendment of EU Cosmetics Directive: Cosmetics and animal testing – an end in sight
    (e. g. skin regulatory acceptance, eye regualtory accaptance, sensitisation, skin models and open source)
  5. Chemicals: REACH and animal welfare
    (e. g. report on use of alternatives, views of companies, animal welfare, methods, search engines)
  6. 3Rs progress in other sectors
    (e. g. vaccine testing, replacing mouse bioassays)
  7. Inhalation toxicology & toxicology of nanomaterials
  8. 3R goes 3D! Implementation of 3D methods in toxicity testing
  9. GCCP – Good cell culture practice
  10. Ethical and & legal issues
  11. Free communications

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