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Becas para realizar el doctorado en la Universidad de Milán

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Call for 14 Fellowships: University of Milan

The call for 14 fellowships is now open. The research topics include animal genetics, animal nutrition, food safety, pharmacology, toxicology, and many more.

A formal selection procedure will begin on 13 september 2017.
For further details, enrollment forms and procedures please visit this page in the University of Milan web-site.
In order to apply for a place in the doctoral research programmes, students must have a second cycle degree, an equivalent qualification, or an equivalent qualification by study level (Master’s Degree) from a foreign University. The suitability of the foreign academic qualifications in terms of content is appraised by the Examining Board constituted for admission to each PhD programme, in compliance with the regulations in force in Italy and in the country in which the academic qualification was issued, and the international treaties or agreements pertaining to the conferment of qualifications for the continuation of studies.
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