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President’s Message

Prof. Heather Wallace
EUROTOX President

With the annual congress behind us I look back on the ever increasing success of our EUROTOX Congresses. The 55th Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology, EUROTOX 2019, held recently in the beautiful city of Helsinki was, I believe, one of the most successful to date. It was a truly international Congress with more than 1600 delegates from 63 countries. The carefully crafted scientific programme was inclusive and the industry sessions added value to the congress. The social programme was also a great success and a special thanks to the City of Helsinki who hosted us at the City Hall on Monday evening. Such success takes hard work and effort and I thank the Finnish Society of Toxicology for hosting this great event. A special thanks also to Professor Kai Savolainen from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, ably assisted by Dr David Bell from ECHA for their excellent organisation and planning.  Looking forward, EUROTOX 2020 will be held in Copenhagen, September 6-9, 2020, and I invite you all to participate in our next congress.

EUROTOX is undertaking a project to map the training of toxicologists across Europe, and I ask everyone to try to help by sending comments and participating in our employers survey.

The Executive Committee is continuing to progress the concept of the EUROTOX Faculty and details on how to help will be released soon.

EUROTOX is now part of the Scientific Liaison Coalition (SLC) giving us access to webinars and training opportunities worldwide.

The call for proposals for scientific sessions at EUROTOX 2021 in Ljubljana will be open soon and I encourage you to submit your ideas for innovative and exciting scientific symposia and workshops and become part of the ever growing EUROTOX family.

Job Posting


AstraZeneca is a major international healthcare business engaged in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of prescription pharmaceutical and the supply of healthcare services. An exciting opportunity exists for a talented Project Toxicologist to join us to support the development of innovative Oncology drugs and restore patients’ lives. The position is based in Cambridge, UK.


Amsterdam Rheumatology Center for AutoImmune Diseases (ARCAID) is looking for 2 international PhD students (project 4 years) for their EU Horizon 2020 COFUND project.  The entire project has 20 PhD vacancies. A human gut and -lymphatics on chip to model functional immune surveillance and activation:
PhD1: development of immune competent gut on chip model
PhD2: development of immune competent lymph node on chip model including lymph node stromal cells, lymphocytes, and dendritic cells.

See link for more info and how to apply

The recorded webinar «Health Hazards of Electronic Cigarettes» held September 17, 2019, presented by Neal L. Benowitz MD, Professor Emeritus of Medicine, University of California San Francisco is now available online.

The impact of electronic cigarette use on population health is strongly influenced by the harms and risks of e-cigarettes. The harm from cigarette smoking is to a great extent caused by toxic products of tobacco combustion. E-cigarettes deliver nicotine in an inhalable aerosol without combustion. E-cigarettes do deliver propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, various flavoring chemicals and their various thermal breakdown products, as well as particles; some of these chemicals are potentially toxic. E-cigarettes vary considerably in design, and the risk is almost certainly greater with those with bigger batteries that operate at higher temperatures. The long-term safety of e-cigarettes is unknown at this time. Major current health concerns in the U.S. relate to e-cigarette use by youth, particularly with respect to impaired adolescent brain development, development of nicotine addiction and serving as a gateway to cigarette and other drug use. Short-term adverse effects include increased respiratory symptoms and asthma, although in smokers with chronic lung disease who switch completely to e-cigarettes their respiratory symptoms improve. Other health concerns include cardiovascular toxicity (particularly in people with pre-existing heart disease) and reproductive toxicity during pregnancy. Direct nicotine toxicity from ingestion of nicotine-containing liquids can occur, particularly in children, but is uncommon.

To listen to the recorded e-cigarettes webinar (use the scroll bar to the right to play the various sections of the webinar)

The next SLC webinar is scheduled for February 11, 2020, and will feature Dr. Rich Miller. Linda Roberts is coordinating this webinar as part of her work on the SLC’s Occupational Exposures Working Group.

EUROTOX fellowship program for ERT courses comes to an end

The EUROTOX fellowship program supporting participants and cross-border exchange of teachers to comprehensive training in Toxicology (ERT Courses) has come to an end. Established in 2013, the EUROTOX fellowship program provided financial support and incentives for cross-border attendance of ERT courses to individuals motivated for a career in toxicology, by providing travelling and accommodation costs, and course fees (obligatory in most ERT courses). The program was successful in helping students, and young career scientists across Europe begin their theoretical ERT education, but also professionals already on the track for ERT registration.

EUROTOX is currently working on developing a rolling CEC program to support the ERT syllabus. The program will be launched during the 2021 EUROTOX Ljubljana congress.

Be ready for the 2021 Ljubljana SP Call 

The call for scientific proposals for the 2021 EUROTOX congress taking place September 12-15, 2021 in Ljubljana, Slovenia is coming soon. Hosted by the Slovenian Society of Toxicology, the congress will serve as a Toxicological Kaleidoscope to emphasise multidisciplinary science innovation promoting safer medicines and chemicals.

A new session format for either workshops or symposia, lasting a total of 90 minutes with a maximum of 3 speakers, will be offered.  The call will go out early December 2019, and the  deadline will be March 1, 2020. Ready, set, buzz away!